? Milestone - SCUD Group Limited

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        Fujian famous brand product in February 2015 2014
        March 2015 excellent partner Award
        April 2015 Scud M100 mobile power was the second (2014) China Mobile power industry annual industrial design award"
        In April 2015, the second (2014) China Mobile power industry annual character Award
        Pioneer of Fuzhou workers in April 2015
        April 2015 two integration management system assessment certificate
        May 2015 Fujian Institute of education 2014 enrollment and teaching management, "advanced collectives.""
        Labour dispute mediation committee, May 2015
        Certificate of drafting unit of national standard in June 2015
        In June 2015 2015, China's 500 most valuable brand
        In June 2015, Mawei District "Ankang Cup" safety production and occupational disease prevention knowledge competition first
        July 2015 second Fuzhou municipal government quality award
        July 2015 OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
        Worker pioneer No. July 2015
        August 2015, "China dream labor beauty" workers legal knowledge competition two prize"
        Certificate of National Laboratory Accreditation in September 2015
        November 2015 certificate of enterprise certification
        November 2015 excellent quality award
        In November 2015, ZTE 2015, the world's best partner
        Best comprehensive performance award November 2015

        In January 2014, the province's two depth integration demonstration enterprises
        February 2014 first (2013) China Mobile power industry annual brand award
        March 2014 secure mobile power Brand Awards
        Vocational qualification certificate March 2014
        April 2014 staff care centre kick-off meeting
        In April 2014, Dingxi set up a school for student love
        Vocational qualification certificate May 2014
        September 2014 national staff education and training demonstration sites
        October 2014 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        October 2014 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        In October 2014, Zhumadian set up a school for student love
        November 2014 Scud automobile starting power "in the sixteen session of Chinese international hi tech fair" excellent product award"
        November 2014 Scud (Ku Fei) excellent product award "in the sixteen session of the international China thinking car hi tech fair"

        In January 2013, 2012, Fuzhou good faith employment enterprise
        July 2013, "12th Five-Year" Fujian manufacturing informatization science and technology engineering demonstration enterprise
        July 2013 TL9000 quality management system certificate
        Intellectual property rights enterprises in Fujian province in August 2013
        August 2013 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        August 2013 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        In October 2013 2013, China's ten well-known brands of mobile power
        In October 2013, Zhang Hao, general manager of the 2013 battery industry ten great man of the hour
        Quality management advanced enterprise in 2012 October 2013
        November 2013 certificate of excellence in product awards
        December 2013 PConline thirteenth most market performance award
        Worker pioneer No. December 2013
        December 2013 security standardization three enterprises
        December 2013 security standardization three enterprises
        Key enterprises of strategic emerging industries in Fujian Province in December 2013

        January 2012 2012, Fujian province "Ankang Cup" competition advanced units
        In February 2012, 2012-2013 hundred key industrial enterprises in Fujian Province
        Expert workstation June 2012
        July 2012 OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
        Certificate of National Laboratory Accreditation in September 2012
        Pioneer of provincial workers in November 2012
        In December 2012, Fujian mobile lithium battery Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center
        Worker pioneer No. December 2012
        Model workers' home in December 2012

        In January 2011, the national union workers' and staff housing demonstration sites reached the standard
        January 2011 harmonious enterprise
        Fujian April 2011 2010 customer satisfaction products (battery company)
        Fujian April 2011 2010 customer satisfaction Enterprise (battery company)
        Worker pioneer No. April 2011
        New team of technological innovation in August 2011
        Fuzhou harmonious enterprise in September 2011
        October 2011 high and new technology enterprises (2011)
        October 2011 ISO14001 environmental management system certification (2011)
        October 2011 ISO9001 quality management system certification (2011)
        In December 2011, 2011, Fuzhou good faith labor commitment Enterprises
        December 2011 advanced workers' culture and Technology Association
        December 2011 workers, cultural technology associations, activists
        In December 2011, 2011-2013, Fuzhou intellectual property rights demonstration enterprises

        Fujian 2008-2009 year labor relations harmonious enterprise in February 2010
        May 2010 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        May 2010 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        Mutual Aid Foundation was established in October 2010
        In December 2010, 2010-2012 years, Fuzhou intellectual property rights demonstration enterprises
        Key strategic alliance of new battery industry technology innovation in Fujian province December 2010
        December 2010 vocational skills appraisal station establishment approval

        June 2009 member unit of China Quality Inspection Association (2009)
        Innovative enterprises in September 2009
        September 2009 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        September 2009 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        October 2009 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        In December 2009, Fuzhou patent Excellence Award

        March 2008 China famous brand (battery company)
        April 2008 2006-2007 annual tax credit grade a.
        June 2008 ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification confirmation certificate
        November 2008 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        November 2008 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        November 2008 high and new technology enterprises (2008)

        January 2007 integrity rights alliance units (class AA)
        Credit integrity enterprises in 2003-2006 March 2007
        March 2007 2006, Fujian advanced quality management unit
        In April 2007 to start the channel construction of the "8000 Scud terminal project"
        May 2007 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        May 2007 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        Certificate of National Laboratory Accreditation in June 2007
        National industrial product production permit in June 2007
        June 2007 2007, China's top 500 brands
        June 2007 member unit of China Quality Inspection Association (2007)
        August 2007 high and new technology enterprises (2007)
        National industrial product production permit in August 2007
        Chinese famous brand products in September 2007
        December 2007 certificate of exemption of product quality

        January 2006 2005 China battery industry's ten influential brands
        In January 2006, China's brand construction was ten outstanding entrepreneurs
        In January 2006, V3 laptop, multi section series parallel lithium ion batteries, Fujian key new products (2006)
        February 2006 China famous brand (electronic company)
        April 2006 executive member of Fuzhou Federation of enterprises and entrepreneurs
        June 2006 National Torch Program key high-tech enterprises
        In June 2006 2006, China's 500 most valuable brand
        June 2006 national customer satisfaction brand
        In August 2006, ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification certification (2006 Electronics)
        August 2006 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        August 2006 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        September 2006 multi series parallel lithium ion smart battery national Torch Program Certificate
        In September 2006, 3S+3S service was the 2006 national customer satisfaction service
        October 2006 radiation safety permit
        In December 2006, the series of parallel lithium ion smart batteries, Fujian 2006 science and Technology Award three prize
        In December 2006 2006, the Chinese users satisfied with the notebook built-in and external battery products Award
        It was successfully listed on the stock exchange of Hongkong in December 2006
        Foreign invested advanced technology enterprises in December 2006

        In January 2005, China's brand construction was ten outstanding entrepreneurs
        January 2005 2004, China's battery's ten most influential brands
        In February 2005, Fuzhou 2004 Industrial feats enterprise
        In June 2005, V3 notebook computer, multi link series parallel lithium ion battery national key new product certificate (2005)
        In August 2005, Fujian was the 300 largest industrial scale in 2005
        In August 2005, Fujian provincial enterprise technology center
        In August 2005 2005, China's 500 most valuable brand
        September 2005 2005 (second) Mundell world managers Achievement Award
        September 2005 high and new technology enterprises (2005)
        October 2005 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        October 2005 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        October 2005 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        October 2005 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        November 2005 China Battery Industry Association executive director of the fifth session of the board
        In December 2005 the company was incorporated
        December 2005 China brand annual awards

        Advanced collective of information industry system of Fujian Province in February 2004
        March 2004, Fuzhou 2003 annual tax payers
        April 2004 2002-2003 annual tax credit grade A Enterprises
        June 2004 2004 advanced unit of quality service
        July 2004 member unit of China Quality Inspection Association (2004)
        September 2004 national customer satisfaction 2004
        September 2004 Scud SCUD brand lithium ion rechargeable battery for China brand-name products
        China's outstanding private technology enterprises in October 2004
        November 2004 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        November 2004 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        November 2004 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
        November 2004 ISO9001 quality management system certificate
        Consumer protection cup December 2004 (2004)

        2000? SCUD? Group obtain “Fujian famous brand” honor

        1999 ISO9001 quality system certificate
        1999 top ten customer satisfaction products
        1999?Famous brand products of Fujian Province?

        1997? SCUD? Electronic Co.Ltd established

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